A quick look back (and a sneak peak)

As 2013 comes to a close I am reminiscing about the events of the past year. Thankfully there weren’t any major life changes but I am still thinking a good deal about my grandmother, great uncle, and my husband’s grandmother who all passed on late in 2011 and 2012.

My kids turned 4 and 1 this year and we had such fun at their My Little Pony and Little Man parties. My oldest niece is a great photographer and we got a lot of good pictures at my son’s party. I wish we were as lucky at my daughter’s bash. There is always so much to do as a host that you never have time for photos! Oh well.

We were able to spend Thanksgiving in Arizona with my in-laws this year and this was my son’s first time flying. He’s not as easy a flyer as my daughter but he still seemed to enjoy himself. I, on the other hand, will always remember my personal pat-down by the TSA on our way home. A word of advice- do not use hand sanitizer before getting your hands swiped! Other than that, we had a wonderful trip.
Christmas was spent at home this year and my sister’s family joined us. All the kids had a blast and loved their gifts from Santa. My cousin made prime rib on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day we enjoyed seafood paella. So yummy!!
I began this blog in May and was so excited for something to do with myself that I made post after post. Two months later, I ended up with a little job doing some marketing and then my daughter went into preschool. I thought for sure I’d finally get to do things for myself (like blog posts). Somehow between work and just being a mom that didn’t happen. I didn’t stop reading though and when I was really excited about a book I made sure it landed on my blog. The other 4 dozen or so books that I read (who’s counting?) are stewing around in my head waiting for…whatever it is that makes me want to write about them! Some were truly terrible and some pretty awesome (End of Days by Susan Ee). I added myself to Goodreads and I blame it for my lack of reviews since I can do a 2 second note there and not care how well written it is. Still, in 2014 I am resolved to write more posts, have a subscribe button, and am hoping to gain a larger readership than just my close friends and family! So get the word out about booknblog! And also I am reviewing my first book for a book blast so stop by on Jan 14 for my review of The League of Skull and Bones by MJ Fletcher.

Thank you for stopping by my little project. I sincerely hope you find a book from one of my posts that you enjoy reading. All my best to you in 2014!

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