Parched by Georgia Clark

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by Georgia Clark
YA Romantic Sci-Fi
Hardcover, 312 Pages
March 14th 2014 by Holiday House


Robots, renewable resources, and romance get tangled together in this thrilling futuristic adventure novel about a utopian city struggling to keep its peace.


“Bold futurist adventure with unusual romance, riveting action and ominous ecological red flags.” —Kirkus Reviews


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Georgia Clark is an Australian writer and performer based in Brooklyn. She is the author of the young adult novels SHE’S WITH THE BAND (Allen & Unwin) and sci-fi/romance PARCHED (Holiday House). Widely published online and in print. Won some awards/grants/residencies. Has a play on at the NY Fringe festival. Pretty keen on cheese plates.


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Ani’s Review

Taken at face value, Parched by Georgia Clark was a fun if predictable read. I liked Clark’s writing style but there wasn’t much depth to the story or characters. Main character Tess was more likeable out in the waterless Badlands than in the utopian society of Eden where she became just another angst-ridden teenager. The badlands seemed like a real place with real characters but as soon as the story returns to Eden, the believability of the guards in particular comes into question; the guards who are in the know about the Badlands all just follow orders? Wouldn’t it be more believable if one didn’t agree with Eden’s actions and thus became part of the Kudzu rebellion? As for world building, Eden was pretty well developed in a general sense but the periphery details that come along with great stories were absent. I guess I noticed this because I liked the story a lot and was hoping for more details, character development, and even plot. Always the big question is the AI – artificial intelligence. Are they real people? Are they machines with synthesized feelings? Can they love? Parched by Georgia Clark was an enjoyable and interesting read that gets you thinking about big brother, world domination and what will happen when AI becomes a reality. Appropriate for readers 12+.

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Frankenstein – Movie or book?

When it comes to the classics, I tend to read – romance usually which means anything by Jane Austen. For this October, I wanted to go with a scary story so I decided to read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I also have to mention a few more classic books turned into movies.

This brings me to the topic of movie or book? Our Frankenstein from the movies, is generally known as the black haired, hulking green guy with screws in his neck and stitching all over his body and (not to put too fine a point on it) stupid. But reading the original story of Frankenstein, I was amused and slightly horrified that there was so few descriptors of what Dr. Frankenstein’s monster really looked like. There were only four real clues as to this creature: black hair, straight teeth, 8 feet tall, and a hand like a mummy. This doesn’t quite sound like the Frankenstein that we’ve dressed our kids as for many many Halloweens. Apparently, the movie version was grotesque enough that it has lived on in our imaginations as the creature that Mary Shelley dreamt up in her book. I’m not sure I’m ashamed that I haven’t seen the original movie but pop culture has trained us on how this monster should look and act. I say I was horrified because after so many years of watching each new evolution of movie Frankenstein, no one wants to move away from this type of creature and imagine an alternate version with the same 4 characteristics that Shelley gave us in her book. And if they did, would we as a group, accept it as such? What do you think?

Continuing with horror stories, Bram Stoker’s Dracula was both an amazing novel and a scary movie. The movie definitely had more of a sensual air to it and the book more of a thriller mystery but it was close enough. I have to say that I really enjoyed both but preferred the movie for it’s sheer theatricality. And for some reason, the descriptions of dracula in the book were either not lacking or close enough to our pop culture image of a vampire that it didn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

A more recent movie/classic book combo is John Carter/ Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I have to consider these separately because they are so different. The premise is the same: a man goes into a cave and gets transported to Mars where he meets a princess. Wacky hijinks ensue and the fall in love. Then man gets transported back to earth to endlessly for a way back to Mars and his princess. I won’t hesitate to say that I was always leery of reading Edgar Rice Burroughs and only because of his name! It’s rather a mouthful. After watching John Carter, I decided to tackle the books and I loved them even if they were a bit long winded – but that was the style of writing back then, no?

Of course, reading is always an education and I discovered that Burroughs also wrote Tarzan which I read and enjoyed but I can’t remember well enough the Tarzan TV show that I watched as a kid and remember so fondly. As I am typing away, I’m thinking that some archetypes will just stay with us forever where others are more transitory. I just don’t think that Edward Cullen and his sparkly skin will ever replace Dracula as the vampire archetype and I haven’t yet seen any new Frankensteins worth changing the norm. Does it matter that movies and television make such drastic interpretations of these creatures? Probably not to Mary Shelley but maybe to Stephanie Meyers who put much more emphasis on appearance.

Regardless, I am big movie fan I know I won’t be stopped from watching the movie because I don’t agree with the amount of “artistic license” taken. And maybe this is all a moot point with so many of the authors nowadays being involved in the development of the movie. If you haven’t read any of the above mentioned titles, please do. Yes, they take longer to read then your modren day horror novel or sci-fi but they are totally worth it. AND you get to say “Why,, yes, I do read the classics!” Happy Halloween everyone!

Acadia’s Law by Tracy Ellen

Acadia's lawAsk yourself: How would you survive?

Acadia King is a young widow suddenly faced with answering this question, and in ways she could have never dreamed possible at the start of her evening. It has been two long years since the death of her husband. A lonely Acadia has caved to the pressure from her good friends to go on a simple blind date at a hotel bar, but she is about to get much more than she ever planned on this fateful night. Not only does Acadia meets a younger, impossibly hot man named Rod who, unbeknownst to her, is also the new Minnesota star quarterback, but the hotel is host to more than just a Casino Night. A viral epidemic that turns people into homicidal crazies has begun to sweep across the Twin Cities. Acadia and Rod are caught at ground zero when the hotel bar erupts into a savage battleground. Along with two offensive linemen and a beautiful blonde groupie, Acadia and Rod barely escape with their lives. Acadia brings them back to the farm she owns where she then sets out to convince her family and friends to prepare for the worst.

Pragmatic, blunt, and intelligent, forty-something Acadia King is focused solely on protecting everyone and everything she has left in life from the threats closing in on all sides. Rod “The Ram” Ramaldi, smiling player and golden-boy superstar, is a man on a mission to win Acadia’s frozen, lonely heart. Forced together while working on defense plans and fighting off crazies, Acadia refuses to be tempted by Rod, despite his attempts to drive her insane with wanting every chance he gets. Practical Acadia wants no relationship. Rod is too young for her; and she distrusts his motives. After all, what man in their right mind has time for smiling, teasing, and fooling around with love when the world could end that day?

Overnight, the epidemic tears at the thin veneer of civilization. The band of survivors at King Farm soon learns the hard way that the infected crazies aren’t the only battle they’ll be fighting when greed, betrayal, and lawless chaos start to rule.


Ani’s Review

Let me be blunt: I loved Acadia’s Law. It was fun, funny, gross (’cause, ya know – zombie story!) a good romance, and well written –  everything I’ve come to hope for from one of my favorite authors – Tracy Ellen. She wrote the Adventures of Anabel Axlerod series (see my full post here) and when I got to the end of those, I’ve only wanted more, more, more. So when my good friend Christina told me about Acadia’s Law, I snatched it up then devoured it in practically one sitting. My husband and kids weren’t happy. But I sure was!

So about the book. Acadia is an awesome character. Grieving but tough widow in her forties. I so love a heroine that is (ahem) a mature woman that can take care of herself. Acadia’s friends don’t think she’s really living thus forcing her out on the town where she meets hunky football player Rod. Rather than the focus being on the romance oh and Zombies, this story is about opening yourself up to life rather than just just managing responsibilities. Tracy Ellen does such a great job of creating relationships that are exciting and demanding and fun without the usual damsel in distress storyline. Of course, there is always a damsel in distress but when it comes to Tracy Ellen’s stories, it’s not always the love interest that comes to the rescue.

As with all the books I really love, there is always some part of me that wonders “Is this book really as good as I think it is?” It’s why I like my book club so much. It really gives me an opportunity to think about what I like and don’t like and hear what my compatriots think as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on this book or any other of my favorite stories (click on Favorites in the Category/Tags list on the right side bar).

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