A Date with Fate – An Anabel Axelrod adventure

So the book, A Date with Fate, is the story of Anabel Axelrod who is a used bookstore owner in a small town. That, and it being free when I found it, was incentive enough for me to try it out. I am certainly happy that I did! I just want to say thank you, Tracy Ellen, for writing these books.

I could NOT put A Date with Fate down and had to buy the other two books immediately after I finished the first! Thank goodness they are super cheap! LOL Seriously, there was something about these stories that I found really enthralling. Yes, there was a strong female lead, yes there was a hot male lead. There was action, adventure and certain death as well. Romance? Not so much that as super HOT sex! Maybe THAT’s the reason I couldn’t put this book down! Ha!I really enjoyed that Anabel had such high standards for herself and kept a strong tie to her friends and family throughout the whole meeting-a-hot-guy thing. This book didn’t revolve around the man in her life – it was about her life – family, friends, work, everything.

The added bonus to all of this was the playlist that was associated with each chapter. There were some seriously good tunes there and they were perfect for the feel of each chapter. I will be buying many of them shortly. Please do not miss these books! Get them!

A Date with Fate Courted by Karna In Love by Design

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