I Hunt Killers book review

Hunt KillersWhat if the world’s worst serial killer…was your dad?

Jasper (Jazz) Dent is a likable teenager. A charmer, one might say.
But he’s also the son of the world’s most infamous serial killer, and for Dear Old Dad, Take Your Son to Work Day was year-round. Jazz has witnessed crime scenes the way cops wish they could–from the criminal’s point of view.
And now bodies are piling up in Lobo’s Nod.
In an effort to clear his name, Jazz joins the police in a hunt for a new serial killer. But Jazz has a secret–could he be more like his father than anyone knows?


Ani’s Book Review

This book is one of those that will follow you for a while after reading it. It’s disturbing in its details into the mind of a killer. More so than the descriptive remembrances of the serial killings, the thoughts behind the killings were brutally clear and without conscience. This all coming from the serial killer’s 17 year old son who was taught as his father’s knee from the time he was a toddler to when his father was caught by the local sheriff at 13.

This story is too engrossing to put down even with the disturbing crimes that are detailed therein. Barry Lyga does a fantastic job of keeping the story that of a teenager rather than focusing on the crimes. How is Jazz dealing with having a serial killer for a dad? How does he have friends or get through school? All of these questions pale when posed with the question, is Jazz a killer? That’s what he was brought up to be – his father’s protege and right hand man. You can’t help but feel sorry for Jazz but then he considers how he could easily kill so-and-so and how he’d do it with such clarity that you begin to wonder how sane he really is. This is a coming of age story at it’s scariest. I loved it and can’t wait to read the sequel: Game. Click on one of the images below to investigate further…

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