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Hello, and thanks for visiting. For my first entry, I thought I’d mention what you can expect from this site. Basically, I wanted to create a site that actually tells you if the book was any good and why, what age range it works for (I read a lot of of Young Adult) and just have an outlet for my thoughts.

Each month I’ll have at least 1 post on my Young Adult Book Club selection and you can search these under the Book Club category. Throughout the month I’ll write something about a dif book that I’ve just finished or whatever else is on my mind. I read a lot of YA cause they are fun and easy reads plus Sci-Fi, fantasy, classics, and romance. I also enjoy some suspense and mystery novels but haven’t been much into those lately. I don’t read non-fiction cause generally it’s too dry for me but if you have suggestions, please post a comment, and I don’t do political. Unless the romance books are really good or really bad, you won’t see a posting from me. I’m too embarrassed to admit that I read that stuff!

I have a Kindle so I’ve gotten a lot of books from the Kindle Store and many of them have been free or if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can “borrow” 1 book per month like the library, which is why I end up going through books so quickly. I am not on the bandwagon of newest-is-best so if you want reviews on new releases, you probably won’t find it here. That being said, I did just read Bitterblue by Kristen Cashore and it came out May 1. :-) That’s going to be my second posting so look for it soon.

Well, I think my time’s up for now. Thanks again for visiting and I hope you enjoy my posts.


  1. An awesome first post!! Granted I am biased, but I loved it just the same. Good on ya mate!!

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